Do You Need a Workers Comp Lawyer?

If you’ve been injured on the job or experienced an illness due to your work conditions, Workers Compensation Insurance is available to help you if you apply. This insurance is available from all employers and is designed to protect employees. However, you may be wondering if you will need a workers compensation attorney Salem Oregon  when you are filing workers compensation. There is not a one-size-fits-all answer for this question however. Some people can handle a claim themselves while other people will need the services that an experience lawyer offers.

 If you suffered just a minor workplace injury, you likely will not need the services of the lawyer. Of course, the employer must also admit that your injury was caused at the job, whether you sprained ankle or a blow to the head due to falling objects. You may not need to hire an attorney if you have not missed any time off from work, or if you needed to visit the doctor only one time.

workers compensation attorney Salem Oregon

 When your employer denies your workers compensation claim or on time, it is a good idea. If the amount of the settlement offered by your employer does not cover the total amount of your medical bills and/or lost wages, you should call an attorney. It is also important to call an attorney if the medical problems you have sustained prevent you from going back to work or limit the activities that you can perform on the job. There are many other situations in which you may want to call an attorney. If your employer threatens to retaliate against you or does in fact retaliate, you want to speak to an attorney. If you had pre-existing conditions that were worse than due to the injury at work, you may also need a lawyer.