5 Facts About Bail Bonds

No one plans to go to jail, but sometimes things happen beyond our control. It is important that you are prepared for the unexpected. It is an unexpected event that happens more often than people want to admit. But, how can you prepare for such an occurrence? There are several steps to take to prepare and plan, including finding a local bail bondsman washington pa. Here are a few important bail bonds facts that you should know to prepare for the unexpected.

1.    Bondsmen charge 10% of the original bond amount, plus a small bondsman fee. This money is non-refundable. For example, if the judge orders your bond set at $30,000, you’d pay $3,000 to a bondsman, plus his fee.

2.    When someone signs a bail bond, they’re agreeing to ensure that you appear in court on the scheduled appearance date and time. If you do not trust the person to go to court, do not sign a bail bond.

3.    You can call a bondsman 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Arrests occur all the time; there are no business hours. As result, the bail bondsman is there to help you any time the situation calls.

4.    Bondsman can help you get out of jail no matter the type of criminal charge you face. However, if you’ve skipped on a bail bond in the past, it might not be easy to find a bondsman who will take the risk of putting up his money to get you out of jail.

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5.    Bail bondsmen can get you out of jail faster than you’d otherwise be released. Although you’ll still be required to go through the steps for processing, those who’ve posted a bail bond are released before court ordered releases and others.