How is Bail Bond Amount Determined?

When you are arrested, you’ll be given a bail bond. This is an amount of money that can be paid to the court to get out of jail.  The judge orders the bond, with an amount that varies from $50 to millions of dollars. With such extreme differences in bail amounts, you’re probably left to wonder what affects the bond amount.

The judge has a duty of public service to ensure that the amount of the bail is not unjust. In other words, the bond amount cannot exceed the amount of the penalty or the sentence that would be imposed. The judge will then use many factors to decide the amount to place on bail. This includes:

·    Criminal history: Those with lengthy or violent criminal histories pay the most for bonds. If the judge feels that you are a flight risk, expect the bond amount to be higher than normal bond amounts.

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·    Personal Life: Factors like if you are working or go to school/college are taken into consideration

·    Type of Criminal Charge: If you are arrested for an assault charge, the bond amount will be considerably less than the bond amount for attempted murder. The charge is always a big factor in determining the bond amount.

If you do not have the total amount of the bond, you can turn to a bail bondsman to get your out of jail. The bondsman charges just 10% of the original bond amount, plus a small bondsman fee. You can get Bail bonds Allentown PA 24/7/365, regardless of the type of criminal charge you face. Most people turn to a bail bondsman to help get them out of jail when their bond amounts are excessively high.  If the cash amount is unavailable, many bondsmen allow property bonds as well.